Lynx Grills Parts Diagrams

Lynx Professional and Sedona by Lynx Grills are engineering marvels comprised of hundreds of different components and dozens of functional parts all brought together by Lynx craftsmen. Identifying parts is simple if you follow these steps:
  1. Find your grill’s Serial Number, found on the label affixed to the back page of your manual, the underside of the grills drip tray and in the case of freestanding grills, on the inner left panel of the cart.
  2. Identify your grill’s Series Code, the letter or digit found in the 3rd position of your Serial Number. Example: 46NX01234-5678
  3. With the Series Code, find the correct Parts Diagram below and click to open.

Lynx Professional Parts Diagrams

Sedona By Lynx Parts Diagrams