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Lynx Steam Brush

Lynx Steam Brush

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Lynx Steam Brush (34550)

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    As you might imagine, we love everything about grilling. Well, almost everything. The cleanup is our least favorite labor of love. Up until now, proper cleanup required a bowl of water to dip your wire brush in (to help steam the food residue off) and a bit of elbow grease.

    Not anymore.

    The Lynx steam cleaning brush makes cleaning about as easy as it gets. You fill the hollow chamber with water, and while the grill grates are still hot, turn the lever on, and water flows through the metal bristles to steam any residue right off. The Lynx brush does a fantastic job of cleaning your Lynx grill, helping to preserve your investment, without needing the strength of Hercules.

  • Cleans your grill with the power of steam
  • Easy to use - turn on the grill, fill the reservoir with water, open the valve and start cleaning.
  • Steam removes baked on particles and grease
  • Made from durable aluminum
  • Includes replacement brushes
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  • Price : $69.95