Ultimate Father's Day Gifts for the Ultimate Dad

June 14, 2013

So your kids finally graduated and moved out of the house. Congrats! With Father’s Day just around the corner, you deserve a little something special – and now is as good a time as any. Here is our list of Top 3 Ultimate Gifts for the Ultimate Dad, because if you’re going to start Living Out Loud, you might as well do it with Lynx now.

1) A Car as Unique as You As the Ultimate Dad, there’s no one else like you in the world, which is why you certainly deserve one of the world’s rarest cars. At $3.9 million, the new Lamborghini Veneno – introduced at this year’s Geneva Motor Show – is so expensive, Lamborghini only built three of them. Then again, they were all sold before the big unveil, so perhaps your next best bet is that Bugatti you’ve been eyeing.

2) A Timeless Timepiece Like your Lynx, the right timepiece can tell a lot about a man. What does yours say about you? If your watch doesn’t announce you as the smoothest, most debonair gentleman in the room, it’s about time for an upgrade. A newer version of its emblematic model launched exactly 50 years ago, the New Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona by Rolex is so timeless, your presence emits from your wrist even before you have the chance to speak. And bonus: that ice blue dial against a platinum band is reminiscent of another Dad-Friendly present that’s near and dear to our hearts, which brings us to the final gift on our list…


3) Every Man’s Best Friend: His Grill Power. Stainless steel. Meticulous detail. No matter what model you take home, a Lynx Professional Grill always attracts the right kind of attention – to the point where you can’t help but say, “that’s my grill.” And unlike a Lamborghini or Rolex, the Lynx Grill is as Mom Friendly as it is Dad Ready -- and perfect for the summer grilling season, kicked off by Father's Day. But what, exactly, do we mean when we say our grills are “Mom Friendly, Dad Ready”? It means that any and every Lynx Grill is powerful and perfectly built for him, but exciting to use and aesthetically pleasing for her.



That outdoor companion you’ve been waiting for is finally here: The Lynx Professional Grill. Features include:

  • 25,000 BTU Cast Brass Burners
  • ProSear2 low Fare-up Infrared Burners
  • Construction of the grill
  • Ceramic Briquettes
  • AllSear Grills
  • Hot Surface Ignition
  • Removable Springs
  • Compact rotisserie motor
  • 12 volt DC power
  • Heat Stabilizer
  • Smoker Box
  • Flash Tubes
The choice is yours on what to get (or ask for) this Father’s Day, but our suggestion is to take home the gift you both will enjoy for a long time to come – a Lynx Professional Grill. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Happy Father’s Day to the Ultimate Dad!