The New York Post Features Lynx Grills

March 7, 2022

The Lynx Sedona 36" Built-In Gas Grill with ProSear Burner was recently featured in an article with The New York Post. The article names the best charcoal, gas, and wood pellet grills in the industry. The Post asked professional chefs to share their favorite grills as well as tips for being a pro-griller. The Post named the L600PS as one of three best gas grills.

The Pat LaFrieda of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors told The Post that the L600PS is "the best grill in the game." They continue on by saying "placing a cast-iron skillet on the grill and preheating it allows you to cook steaks and burgers with a great sear,” said LaFrieda, who uses a Lynx gas grill. “If the skillet sizzles when a drop of water hits it, then it’s ready to cook on.”