4 Tips to Get Ready for Summer

May 1, 2013

Grilling season is just around the corner. Save yourself time and headaches by following these simple tips before you begin cooking with your grill. Your grill will love you for it!

1) Remove Spider Webs from Gas Valve Openings

Spiders love to spin webs or nests inside small valve orifices. It’s important to remove these and other obstructions to ensure smooth flow of gas to your burners.Steps to Remove
  1. Take out cooking grates, briquette trays and burners.
  2. Inspect the venturi opening and orifice for any signs of spiders, or their webbing.
  3. Use a small wire or straightened paper clip to clear out any obstacles. If the blockage will not come out you may have to remove the orifice with a ½ deep socket and then clear the blockage.
  4. Check all burner ports for blockage from cooking debris and grease. Use the paper clip and poke through any ports that appear to be blocked or restricted. Do not do this to the ceramic ProSear burners or damage may occur.
Clean Out the Grill Firebox Debris, gunk and other substances can build up over time inside your grill. Remove the grates, and check inside the grill and remove any build up inside before you start to use it.

3) Check All Hoses and Fittings for Wear and Tear Your outdoor kitchen relies on gas to light all burners. Make sure all gas fittings and hoses are tightly secured and free of any wear and tear.  Inspect all hoses for cracks, abrasion or leaks. All fitting should be leak tested with a 1:3 solution of dish soap and water applied to all connections and checked for bubble formation which would indicate gas leaks. If any are found they must be repaired prior to using your grill.

4) Check All Wiring Connections for Frayed or Chewed Areas Rodents love to chew on wiring, and often strip the plastic off to use in their nests.   The most likely places are the wires connected to the transformer.  If you notice chewing, you will need to order a new transformer, and you may want to store the transformer inside when you are not using the grill for long periods of time.
Call us for a grill cleaning service referral at 888-289-5969 or send an email to service@lynxgrills.com. Business hours are from 6:00AM – 4:30PM Pacific, Monday through Friday.Enjoy your Lynx grill and have a great summer!