From Student to Teacher

July 13, 2021

A teacher from small town Ohio is shocked to see her student from 20 years ago is an expert in the world of grilling and a face to her newly purchased Lynx Grill. Ms. Sally Magee, a teacher at Rocky River High School, reached out to former student, Glenn Lyman, to show her excitement and interest to what his life has turned into over the years.

Glenn, the owner of GCooks, is a personal chef to professional athletes, grilling, and barbeque master. Glenn makes regular TV appearances and is the Celebrity Chef for Lynx Professional Grills. Drawn to cooking at a young age, Glenn decided to pass up boring algebra and literature classes and take Survival in the Kitchen and Joy of Cooking classes. Over the last 20 years these two classes, taught by Ms. Magee, are the only cooking classes Glen has ever taken.

Ms. Magee is someone who can be described as always laughing and influential to the succession of Glenn Lyman’s career. “I think about Ms. Magee all the time,” says Glenn, “as long as I remember, I’ve loved to cook. Even back at Rocky River High School dances, when other kids would go out to dinner before the event, my buddies and I would gather at one of our houses and I would grill dinner for us and our dates.”

Cooking has been a huge part of Glenn’s life as he enjoyed spending the early stages of his life doing just that. He enjoyed cooking so much that he decided to take off the tie and replace it with an apron to be used in the development of his small business, Home Plate Personal Chef Service. Glenn’s first client was LeBron James and after 18 years he can say it all has been a success. 

Lynx Grills has been at Glenn’s side over the years and after 20 years Ms. Magee and Glenn were reconnected over their love for cooking and grilling. Lynx Grills was able to rekindle this friendship when the Magee family purchased their first Lynx Grill. “It will all come around full circle when the Magee’s get their new Lynx Grill and I can give them some tips,” says Glenn, “I got some good ones and you can’t Google what I’ve learned. That’s what you call livin’ the Lynx Life and where it all got started!”