Getting Parts for Your Lynx

July 2, 2012

Summer is here and by now you’ve fired up your Lynx grill a few times in the last couple of months. If you’re grilling regularly, your grill is probably starting to show some wear. We shared some tips to clean your grill, but after a few years of use, the better alternative may be to get new parts for your Lynx.

New parts such as grates, and briquettes and trays can make your grill look good as new. Best of all, you can buy replacement parts directly from Lynx. We’ll help identify your Lynx product and ensure you’re getting the right part, so you can focus on enjoying your grill. To get started, please make sure you have the following information: • Model Number • Serial Number The info can be located on the rating plate, located on the underside of the drip tray.
 Then call our Customer Care team at (888) 289-5969 or send us an email. Our team is standing by for your call. Have a great summer! The Lynx Team