Chef's Panel

Experience counts.

We understand that, from the work that skilled artisans perform in our workshop each day. Experience is the only way to create the beautiful finishes, the flawless seams, and the precise alignments that you find in all our Lynx products.

And experience counts in the world of cuisine. That’s why we consult with culinary masters to gather feedback, develop innovations, and follow the latest inspirations in flavor.

New York, NY Iron Chef Judge & Restaurateur

"My Lynx outdoor kitchen is beautiful, powerful and uses the latest technology. The grill cooks more evenly than any other grill and the made in America craftsmanship made it the only choice for me. There isn’t anything I can’t cook outside that I can inside. Our outdoor kitchen has become the heart of our home. It is perfect for entertaining and enjoying the beauty of the lake."

Downey, CA Lynx Executive Chef

“The thing that blows my mind every time I turn on a Lynx Grill is how insanely hot it can get in a short amount of time. Realizing how fast it responds to heat adjustments when cooling it down for slow cooking after searing, or quickly heating up for reverse searing, made me realize we can almost forget everything we know about traditional grilling. These machines are perfect.”

Dallas, TX Iron Chef Restaurateur

“As a chef I have been fortunate enough to work with many brands of equipment but when it comes to outdoor appliances, I find Lynx to be the Porsche of outdoor kitchen products.”

Miami, FL Restaurateur

"I'm honored to be part of the Lynx Chef Panel and work with its innovative products. Grilling is one of the simplest ways to build flavor into a dish and has always played an important role in my approach to cooking."

Dallas, TX Executive Chef, Neiman Marcus Restaurants

“I like to use my outdoor Lynx grill as often as I can and nothing is better than searing a nice New York steak at 500° to 600°. It’s that outside crispy char that I strive for all the time. Thanks for building the greatest grills in the world!”

Las Vegas, NV Chef/Restaurateur

“We are very proud to be joining the lynx chef panel. Our lynx grill is a success. We truly feel there is no competitor that can hold a candle to lynx in terms of outdoor grilling.”

Charlotte, NC Personal Chef to High-Profile Athletes

“When I think about time spent around the grill, I recall a lifetime of experience and quality time with family and friends. I cherish the memories of hanging out around the grill, sharing stories, swapping recipes, and making plans for the next gathering. Imagining the great taste and smell of grilled food sparks up nostalgia I will never forget. Thanks to the championship quality of Lynx, I have a real home-court advantage in the outdoor kitchen.”