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Lynx Cooking Demo

Oct 19, 2018  10:00am  -   4:00pm Premier Grilling, Plano, TX

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Cooking Demo with Arnold's Appliance

Oct 20, 2018  11:00am  -   2:00pm Arnold's Appliance, Bellevue, WA

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Lynx Test Drive

Oct 20, 2018  11:00am  -   2:00pm Legacy Appliances, Livermore, CA

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Dinner with Chef Kent Rathbun

Oct 23, 2018  6:00pm  -   9:00pm

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Halloween Fun with Monark Premium Appliance

Oct 25, 2018  1:00pm  -   3:00pm Monark Premium Appliance Co. (SmartGrill), West Palm Beach, FL

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