Lynx Professionals

Experience counts.

We understand that from the work our skilled artisans perform each day in our workshop. Experience is the only way to create the beautiful finishes, flawless seams, and precise alignments that you find in all our Lynx products.

And experience counts in the world of an outdoor kitchen. We invite you to meet our elite group of Lynx Professionals, each creating their art while living out their very best version of the Lynx Life.

Culinary Panel

Experience especially counts in the world of cuisine. That's why we consult with culinary masters to gather feedback, develop innovations, and follow the latest inspirations in flavor. Each member of our panel owns an extensive Lynx outdoor kitchen. We are especially grateful that they are willing to open their homes, welcome us into their outdoor spaces, and host exclusive Lynx dinners.


Director of Culinary Development at Lynx Grills / Chef-Owner of Dinner with Dres / The Cut

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Kent Rathbun

Owner and Chef of Imoto Dallas / Iron Chef Winner

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Michael Schwartz

James Beard Winner & Restaurateur

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Architects & Designers

The clean lines and elegant design of Lynx is especially attractive to the Architect and Designer community. The beauty of our products allows them to blend seamlessly into any home environment, creating an elegant and truly integrative outdoor kitchen. We invite you to meet the extraordinary artists creating those stunning spaces.

Dan Brunn

Principal at DBA Architecture – Founder of Bridge House LA

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Jeff Valenson

Los Angeles-Based Interior Designer

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From internationally renowned photographers to culinary instructors, each member of our Ambassadors team has an almost cult-like following online. We are honored that they believe in the brand, and chose to partner with Lynx.

Lauren Nagel

Culinary Arts Teacher / Keto Diets / Book Club

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Glenn Lyman

Chef to the Athletes

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Robert Jacob Lerma

Photographer and BBQ Lover

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While our products are primarily designed for the residential home, we are often approached by the top luxury resorts in the country to develop their outdoor culinary centers. For an exceptional experience that will delight any culinary enthusiast, visit our exclusive collection of Lynx partners.

Ojai Valley Inn

Southern California Luxury Resort

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