Lynx Smart Series

Brains, Braun and Beauty meets an App with Appetite

A modern home interacts with you. Its temperature, lighting, security, and more are connected to your mobile device. Its music and mood can shift as you move room to room. So, what if your mobile device could check on your grill from across the party—or choose a recipe with preset cooking times and settings?

It can. Meet the Lynx Smart Series.


The Lynx Smart Series includes 42, 36, and 30 inch grills, as well as a smoker, all available for built-in or freestanding placement.


Smart Series Grill

The Lynx exclusive MyChef™ app turns your mobile device into a precision dashboard for your grill. 

Begin by perusing hundreds of recipes, then select one to send to your grill. Go ahead and try something new—once you start the grill, MyChef takes over to create the perfect finish. 

MyChef uses the grill’s temperature sensors and electromechanical gas control valves to keep temperatures at the perfect level for the perfect duration, adjusting the responsive Trident™ Infrared Burners. When it’s time to flip or remove your food, MyChef sends an alert to your mobile device. Tailor the optimum grilling time, and MyChef will remember your preference. You can even create and upload your own recipes to the MyChef community.

And you can always take control—use one of five innovative modes that offer you everything from complete manual control to a completely orchestrated meal with settings and stages timed to coordinate completion. In any mode, your grill safely shuts down if it’s inactive for 30 minutes.


Smart Series Smoker

Smokers elicit tender, flavorful dishes by slowly cooking at low temperatures over the course of hours. With Smart Series technology, the Lynx Smart Series Smoker automatically adjusts to maintain a perfectly steady temperature throughout. 

Begin by selecting a recipe in the MyChef app, or simply use the smoker’s slide-out touchscreen to set your own timing and temperature. The smoker can let you know when it’s preheated and ready for food, when it’s time to flip food, and when your food is done.

With one batch of Lynx wood chips, you can smoke a meal for up to six hours—using the MyChef app to check on status whenever you like.

It’s temptingly simple to create masterpieces like smoked brown sugar salmon, sweet smoked brisket, or a delectable pork tenderloin. You’ll find you’ve always wanted a smoker that’s smart.