36" Ventana Door Drawer Combination (LSA36-4)

Product Overview

  • Unique elegance—part of the Ventana Collection, the finest storage solutions for outdoor kitchens

  • Generous depth—each drawer is 25.5 inches deep

  • Perfect completion—soft-close drawer slides

  • Tidy enclosure—rubber trim around the frame helps block dust and water

  • Quick cleaning—easy-to-clean stainless steel surface

  • Elegant simplicity—designed with understated style

  • Plentiful storage—a 36-inch-wide door and double drawer combination

  • Striking effect—interior lighting for drawers and cabinet

  • Perfect ending—soft-close door hinge

  • Subtle convenience—flush-mounted reversible handle is there when you need it

  • Perennial refinement—clean design eliminates places that dirt can collect

  • Expandable options—door accessory kits available