Prime Rib Roast

Grill Beef

Prep: 30 minutes Cook: Over Serves: 5


5 lbs. Prime Rib Roast, bone-in, whole

Salt, kosher, as needed

1 Tbs. Rosemary, finely chopped


  1. Season roast generously with salt on all sides, sprinkle with rosemary all throughout and let sit for 20 minutes covered at room temperature.
  2. Insert the roast on the rotisserie pit, running it through the center of the roast parallel to the ribs and secure the roast in place with the rotisserie forks. Turn rotisserie burner on and motor on at low speed. Place a pan directly below the roast to catch dripping liquids as it roasts. Close Lynx Grill and allow to roast for about 2 hours or until the internal temperature reaches the desired doneness: Rare: 120°F Medium Rare: 130°F Medium: 140°F Medium Well: 150°F Well: 160°F
  3. When done, remove from rotisserie pit and allow to rest for 10 minutes on a cooling rack or plate.
  4. Carve and serve immediately.