Smoked Ice Cubes

Grill Other

Cook: 25 minutes Serves: 12
Recipe By:  Lauren Nagel, Culinary Arts Teacher / Keto Diets / Book Club


16 cups Water

Wood or Pellets for smoking

2 Foil Pans

Ice Cube Mold


1. Heat your All Trident grill to a medium-low temperature. Set up the grill for indirect heat.Load up the smoker box with pellets or wood chips.

2. Get two foil pans and add 8 cups of water to each foil pan. Use a measuring cup or pitcher to pour the water into the pans directly onto the grill to prevent sloshing water on the grates.

3. Close the lid and allow the water to infuse with smoke for 25-30 minutes. Once the water has smoked, turn off my grill and allow the pans to cool before pouring into the cube mold.

4. Pour the ice into your mold and allow it to freeze for 18-20 hours. The cubes will not become clear because they are infused with smoke.

5. Store in a container or plastic freezer bag before use. Add to any cocktail. Cheers!