The Lynx Professional Outdoor Color Collection

Born from the adventurous spirit, bold aesthetic and relentless innovation of our west coast roots, Lynx Professional Grills is proud to introduce our new Outdoor Color Collection. These geo-inspired hues were hand-selected by our team of designers and the color experts at Sherwin Williams.

Lynx invites you to express your true hue

Feel the freedom to inhabit a luxury outdoor living space that is a stylish extension of your well-designed indoor kitchen. Our range of colors allows you to seamlessly integrate all the power, functionality, and durability you expect from Lynx with a splash of color that reflects your personal aesthetic.

Create a coastal chic retreat with peaceful earth tones designed to quietly highlight a glorious sunset and spectacular landscaping. Or surf a bolder color wave with sunny seaside hues that make your outdoor oasis pop! We invite you to Express Your True Hue.

The Lynx Professional Outdoor Color Collection

Produced in partnership with the color experts at Sherwin Williams.

California Poppy
Inspired by the wild, untamed beauty of California’s state flower. The poppy’s color, reminiscent of a fiery sunset, symbolizes warmth, energy, and life.
Obsidian, a glass born of fire and earth, carries the weight of its volcanic origins in its rich, dark hue. This stones reflective qualities encourage both self-discovery and clarity.
Desert Sage
A muted hue of green with hints of grey, this color evokes calmness and a sense of grounding, embodying wisdom, and harmony with its subtle and soothing presence.
Limestone’s earthy pale tone evokes a sense of ancient tranquility. Formed by the fossilization of marine life over eons, this color is imbued with historical significance, connecting the present with the primordial seas and the origins of life on Earth.
Pacific Blue
This bold blue embodies the steady rhythm of waves and the vast expanse of the sea. This versatile color is a design favorite and offers a refreshing touch that can soothe the mind and inspire a sense of adventure.
Evoking the solidity of mountains and the nurturing embrace of fertile soil, Sierra offers a foundation from which growth and renewal can spring forth.
Glacier exudes a sense of tranquility and serenity. It evokes fresh feelings of renewal and optimism. This calm white offers a visual pause in a world of color, much like the serene quietude of a snow-covered expanse.
Surf captures the essence of the ocean’s vastness and the sky’s limitlessness. This color evokes a peaceful day by the water, where the rhythmic waves bring a sense of harmony and renewal.
The Lynx Professional Outdoor Color Collection is available on control panels of a variety of Lynx Grills products while the hood, trim, knobs, and handles remain high-grade stainless steel. These painted panels are powder coated to beautifully withstand the elements.
*For freestanding applications pair a Lynx Professional Built-In grill of your choice with a Lynx Professional Grill Cart (sold separately)
30” / 36” / 42” / 54” Built-in Grills
Displayed in Pacific Blue
30” Built-in Asado Cooktop
Displayed in Desert Sage
30” Outdoor Warming Drawer
Displayed in Glacier
Double Side-Burners for Built-in Grills
Displayed in California Poppy
Professional Power Burner
Displayed in Obsidian